Check out this review of "Fortune Morning" in The Morton Report by Bill Bentley!

When it’s time to play a down-home version of stump the band, seeking out those who may recall certain musicians from the past is a cool pursuit. Stan "Rock" Coppinger comes from Dallas, but hit Austin at the start of the ‘70s and stayed there. Early groups included being bassist in a reformed Conqueroo, Lea Ann & the Bizarros, and other helter skelter aggregations around groover’s paradise. He even hit pay dirt in Europe with the Rattlers. Finally, though, Coppinger has a solo album that plays to all his many strengths, and not a moment too soon. From affecting folk rock to Lone Star boogie, this is one fellow who really does cover the waterfront, writing songs that are able to round up all the appropriate Texas musical styles and turn them into his own. It’s amazing Stan Coppinger didn’t make this album 30 years ago, but he got sidetracked as an attorney for the state of Texas. Don’t hold that against him: it’s never too late to go for the gusto, and anyone who can get elusive Austin harmonicat Moon D. Bellamy into a recording studio deserves unwavering respect. Surprises a go-go.