Hi there, this is Stan Coppinger's website. Thanks for visiting!

Stan Coppinger is a veteran Austin, Texas musician, having played at Austin venues for many years, going back to the days of Armadillo World Headquarters and Soap Creek Saloon.  Stan's new record, Fortune Morning,  consists of all songs of his own composition.  Earlier records have included Stan's songs  but, as they were sometimes band records, they included other writers also. His last record, Stan the Man as Usual was all arrangements of other people’s songs. So he's glad to make one with his own brand. He wasn't sure what kind of music to call it, but someone told him it's "Americana." Perhaps,a blend of Texas styles always comes down to that, but he wants you be the judge.

Stan came to Austin from Dallas to attend the University of Texas. It was that period when psychedelic was morphing into progressive country (although it wasn't called that yet). Austin was yet to be the "live music capital of the world" but there were plenty of hip places for young bands to get their chops and pay some dues.  Stan played in Austin bands (Bizarros, Conqueroo, and others) and jammed with many others (Willie Nelson, Doug Sahm, Storm with Jimmy Vaughan, Willis Alan Ramsey, and others). One summer, he took a guitar and a suitcase to Europe, not knowing what he'd find.  In Copenhagen, Denmark Stan found some musicians eager to play this Texas brand of country rock and he formed the band the Rattlers. The Rattlers toured Scandinavia and Germany and later, the New England area.  Stan went back to Copenhagen for the release of "The Rattlers, Behind Every Rock"  LP, and he toured Europe again. He came back to Austin, finished college, co-owned Lone Star Recording Studio, produced records, wrote music and managed bands. After Lone Star, he got a law degree and practiced law for 20 years.

Stan still lives in Austin with his wife Mary. Their son Kingsley lives in Austin also, and daughter Juliet is moving back to Austin from Little Rock. 

Having retired from the practice of law, he's ready to rock once more! Stan will start looking at live bookings early in 2017 and will post bookings on this site as they occur.  So, keep an eye out, and thanks for your interest!