Gear Page

This is a page that may be of no interest to some folks, as it is about musical equipment (just play, man!). But to those "gearheads" out there (like me), this will serve as a humble explanation of the guitars, amps, and effects used on Fortune Morning. So, for those of you still with me, here goes.


This is my 1956 reissue Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Time Machine Relic (whew!). Unlike the days when we tried to take care of our instruments, this guitar looks like it was dragged behind a bus brand new. I don't get it, but it has that old feel and plays and sounds great. I used it on "The Torch", "Fortune Morning" lead, "She's in the Garden" rhythm, "Try Me", "Love of a Thousand Days" and "Take a Little Time." Also on the treble lead on "Ball and Chain."

This is my 1958 reissue Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul. It has a nice fat neck and great classic tone. I used it on "Rain Girl", "Round and Round" lead, "I'm Ready", "She's in the Garden" leads, "Color of Blue", and "Ball and Chain."

This is my 1980(?) Takamine jumbo flat top accoustic. I bought this from Gary Heard back in the Lone Star Studio days. It is a clone of the Guild jumbo of the same era. It has a very nice big sound and I used it on "The Torch", "Fortune Morning" bridge, and "Take a Little Time."

This is my mid-sixties Hofner Senator archtop. It was given to me by a retired English colonel in Italy. I used it on the slide part during the harmonica solo on "I'm Ready."

This is my pride and joy, my 1964 Fender Jazz Bass (NOT a reissue). I bought it (ok, my Dad did) in 1966 from a local Dallas talent named Kirby St. Romain. So Kirby, if your out there, I've still got your bass! It originally had matching white on the body, but as the paint was flaking off, I I stripped it and applied clear lacquer for a natural alder wood look. I know the value increases with the original finish no matter how ugly, but in the 70s that wasn't the case. I used it on all of the songs that Marty Mitchell doesn't play bass on.

This is David Prather's 1965 Martin D-18. It has a rich tone and is great for rock and roll rhythm, among other things. I had it on loan from David and used it on "Round and Round", "Fortune Morning", "She's in the Garden", "Try Me", and "Love of a Thousand Days"; songs that I cut the basics with Jay Hudson.

Now, let's move to amplifiers.

This is my workhorse, the Fender Blues Junior. It is warm as well as aggressive, and really puts out for 15 watts. I used it on everything on the record except "I'm Ready" and "Ball and Chain."